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CEILING CHAINS:  Using the following information - 6' 8" clearance from the floor for pathways, 6' for counters and 5' 6" for dining room tables -  measure your walls from floor to ceiling and subtract the amount of clearance needed from that available room height.  The remainder is the allowance you have for a fixture.  We keep the original chain on chandeliers when possible or, if not, a new period replica.    If you require a chain which is longer than stated in our description, all new chain may be required.  Call us to discuss this and if any additional cost may be involved.  

CONDITION:  Unless stated differently, assume that all items are in "very good condition," meaning they may have small blemishes but nothing major or distracting. Brass items will not have dents unless noted and the fixture is of the quality or rarity which justifies our including the item and fixture will be priced accordingly.  Even "new old stock," describing items which have never been used, perhaps unsold items stored for many years, may have "shelf wear" and not be considered "mint."  All fixtures have been "refurbished" in that they have been cleaned and, if necessary, rewired.

Many painted fixtures will have small paint chipping and brass fixtures will have tarnishing which might be very dark. This is called "patina" and is desired for its ability to create a mellow ambience in decorating. Patina could also mean evidence of abuse so if a fixture's description states "stripped and refinished or polished", expect to see an attractive fixture which may or my not suit your needs but which also may or may not be as valuable to a collector for future resale. Resale value may be one reason to buy an antique fixture. Usually, the resale value of a new fixture is only ten per cent of its initial cost.

All of our glass is guaranteed old. Standard manufacturing variations and typical imperfections such as bubbles, straw marks, folds or imperfections in cutting or etching will not be indicated.  Expect the old glass shades to have small nicks at the fitter end which cannot be seen when installed.  Also, be aware that old shades have rough edges from the manufacturers' molds.  Occasionally we will include a shade with a noticeable defect if we cannot find a substitute and it will be mentioned for your consideration.

SWITCHES:  Almost all antique sconces and many ceiling fixtures originally had on/off switches, necessary before the installation of wall switches.  We respect that vintage detail by providing new or rewired switches when possible.  When a sconce requires a wall switch, it will be so stated.

WIRING:  Where we can, we provide UL tested materials for 120 volt U. S. electrical receptacles.  However, in any area where the wiring is visible and for appearance, if it is appropriate, we may use cloth covered 18-gauge wire.  We believe it is quite safe and is being used in refurbished fixtures throughout the industry.  However, if you have a situation requiring the UL label, we can substitute modern vinyl wiring.  We make a bench check of all wiring before packing a fixture but we cannot guarantee it after it is out of our control so please keep this in mind when having the fixture installed or even installing it yourself.  You must be guided by your own awareness of your knowledge and skills and may need the assistance of a knowledgeable electrician.  Please notify us if you are aware of any special  installation requirements.  We provide all hardware you may need for a modern electrical box. We suggest using 60 watt bulbs or less.

PLACE AN ORDER:  If you're ready to purchase, please use the shopping cart.  Contact us if you have any questions or would like to add or subtract chain from a chandelier.  At this time, we are only accepting payment by Paypal and checks.

TIME FRAME:  Although most of our wall fixtures and flushmounts are ready for shipment, most of our chandeliers and pendants, because of differences in ceiling height, are not.  Please allow two weeks for the latter fixtures before shipping unless we have a parts shortage on an item in which case you will be informed.

SHIPPING POLICY:  At this time we are shipping only to the continental United States and Canada.  Shipping to the lower 48 states is a flat fee of $9.50  per order with no charge for packing or handling. We ship by ground carrier to arrive between three and ten days.  Call or email us if you require expedited delivery and we will let you know what the charge would be. We add a flat rate fee of $35 per order for shipping to Canada.

RETURN/CANCELLATION POLICY:  You may ship an item back to us for any reason WITH OUR EMAILED AUTHORIZATION ONLY no later than 30 days after receipt.  No returns will be accepted without an emailed authorization from us.  To receive authorization for a return, please call or email us no later than 15 days after receipt of merchandise, your invoice number ready, with reason for its return.  We do not accept returns after 30 days. Also, please notify us as soon as possible regarding shortages or incorrect shipment.  A return must be shipped back to us in the same condition as when it left our shop, well packed in the original shipping package, freight prepaid with appropriate insurance and tracking.  We will refund the money you paid for the item(s) less a restocking fee of up to 20 per cent.

If you change your mind on an order, contact us immediately and there will be no charge unless we have already made a requested modification to a fixture or shipped out your order.  Once an item has been shipped, expect to be charged a restocking fee of up to 20 per cent even if you return a shipment unopened.  So order carefully.

DAMAGE CLAIMS:  We insure all items.  We pack well, but if an item is damaged in shipping, you must notify us immediately.  DO NOT RETURN THE SHIPMENT TO US and do not destroy any shipping containers or packing material as you may be responsible for proving damages.  We will handle as much of the paperwork as possible. Be advised that we sometimes ship USPS in which case you may be required to bring item into your local post office for inspection.  If that would be impossible for you, please enter that information in the "instruction" box at checkout.   If you suspect damage before opening a container, DO NOT REFUSE TO ACCEPT THE SHIPMENT as this will cause unnecessary delays and added expense (if possible, get a note from delivery agent about any perceived damages to box or sounds of broken glass).  Again, please NOTIFY US IMMEDIATELY as damage claims will not be accepted after 7 days.

PRIVACY STATEMENT: No information given to will be sold to third parties nor will we save financial data or send promotional emails unless requested.

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