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Product ID: C01298
Vintage Lighting 2-light Pan Fixture with original Shades.

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Here is a small brass pan light fixture with original shades, suspended from a canopy with chain. This style fixture was very popular for the high ceilings prevalent at the time, circa 1915 into the 1930's. It's been restored, stripped, polished and partially repainted, as it was originally, with a "Brown Velvet" finish. This finish is a little more interesting than having just plain brass and shows off the design of the brass, a nice leaf and berry design on the pan. The shades were made by Consolidated Glass and repeat the same design. The chain is new brass plated, wire is vinyl. Measurements are 21" high by 13" wide. This might be suitable for an entrance way with a 9-foot ceiling, or possibly over a dining room table with an 8-foot ceiling.
Price: $295.00


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