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-Gill Glass Rosemont Slip Shade Chandelier
Product ID: C01573
-Gill Glass Rosemont Slip Shade Chandelier

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From Gill Glass, perhaps their most expensive creation then and now, It is extremely rare and in great condition with a fantastic design.

Made in America, 1930's.  Partially painted brass with a factory applied patina to tone down the brass for you instead of waiting for time to do the job.  The colors are old gold, red and blue.

Shades are held on securely using the finials which are attached to each arm of the chandelier with a small pipe and nut.  We suggest 60-watt bulbs or less, or the cooler LED's.  This is for the sake of the shades which are a beautiful custard glass with a baked on decoration that accents the colors of the chandlier.  All have a rough top edge, so as made, paint in perfect condition as is the glass

Rewired, measuring 18" high, down to the bottom of the finial, and 18" wide.

Price: $4500.00


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