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Gill Glass 5-light Marquette Slip Shade Chandelier
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Product ID: C01600
Gill Glass 5-light Marquette Slip Shade Chandelier

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Slip shade lighting was very popular during the art deco period (1920's and 1930's) here in the U.S. From their Marquette light fixture line, Gill Glass gave us a slip shade chandelier that borrows much of its design from the art nouveau period that preceded art deco. Luxurious undulating, flowing lines so you can enjoy this kind of lighting in a traditional home..

This delicate looking fixture was made of cast iron during the 1930's, the shades are custard glass decorated with decals that pick up the colors of the fixture, a light bronze, with small touches of turquoise and rose.

Paint in excellent original condition, no rust. No chips or cracks to shades. Decals completely intact . Fixture rewired, attachment hardware included.

 Separately we have listed companion sconces, #S01222, for a reasonable price..

Price: $1500.00


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