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*Riddle Silvery Polychrome 1-Light Revival Pendant Light Fixture
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Product ID: P01270
*Riddle Silvery Polychrome 1-Light Revival Pendant Light Fixture

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Another lovely example of lighting by the famous Edward N. Riddle Lighting Company of Toledo, Ohio, c 1920'S. They are known for unique and intricately designed fixtures cast in aluminum. Aluminum was their best choice and was popular at the time. We have found some of their fixtures unadorned except for a few slight touches of red and green, but basically aluminum gray. Others have a silvery cast, like this one, with some areas finished in old gold, the chain and canopy, and slight touches, again, of red and green. We have a chandelier in this theme, Item Number C-1223. Measurements are 8" wide and 24" high. Rewired, etc.
Price: $325.00


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