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*Pair Antique Arrow and Dart Prismatic Hall Lights
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*Pair Antique Arrow and Dart Prismatic Hall Lights

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In 1911, reflector shades like these were used to enhance the effective light output as bulbs were dim and electricity was a relatively expensive.light source. Shades with a ruffled edge were used both in the servants' quarters and the living room. The shades are rare, by Haskins, 1911, one perfect and the other with 4 tiny nicks on the ridges. The fixtures have the same arrow and dart design on both canopy and holder, no cracks or dents. They have a dark patina which is somewhat irregular. The sockets are Paulding in good working order, rewired with cloth wire. The fixtures presently have a 17" drop, can be lengthened, no charge, the shades spread 7". Relatively expensive price for simple pendants, for restoring an antique house.
Price: $750.00


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