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Vintage 5-light Riddle Art Deco Chandelier with Sconces

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We bought these Riddle light fixtures many years ago and since then have never seen any others, so we believe they are rare. For that reason, we will not be splitting them up. Here is a chandelier that can be used for an 8-foot modern ceiling. Riddle Lighting Co. of Toledo, Ohio, made their fixtures out of aluminum and they showed it off as part of the color scheme. So the gray of these fixtures is the natural gray of aluminum, accented by beautiful sections of pressed brass, natural old brass. The design is quite intricate. It is also quite unusual in that the largest dimension lies flat against the ceiling before diminishing in size to the finial at the bottom of the fixture. C. 1930's, rewired, includes one chandelier and three wall sconces. They are in very good condition. The sconces have rare original toggle type switches which work, a superior concept and much easier to use. You can dust these fixtures once in a while and not worry about them for another 80 years or so. Measurements for the chandelier are 13" high x 18" wide. Measurements for the sconces are 14" high x 6" wide x 3" deep.
Price: $1575.00


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